Episode 9: Connor LaCour

February 4, 2017

Thanks to our guest host for this episode, Bryce Walters. He joined us because this episode features one of our hosts, Connor LaCour! Somewhere in the realm of alternative folk/americana, LaCour's music is confessional and vulnerable. He performs under the name The Nocturnal Broadcast and is gearing up to release his newest album sometime this Spring.

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Episode 8: Tony Cobb

January 15, 2017

Down one host for the day, Sunroom Studios has an in-depth conversation with Tony Cobb!

Tony Cobb is an active member in the Baton Rouge music community. With experience hosting shows at Jolie Pearl and The Dyson House, his outlook on the state of songwriting here is invaluable. He writes what he knows and writes it well, inspired by the storied history of American country and folk songwriters. Take a listen and enjoy his music as well as the long, free-form discussion we had including tons of great thoughts from audience members Jim Taylor and Caroline Stradley!


Episode 5: Kellen Cooper

December 4, 2016

Episode 4: Wisebirds (nee Mr. Owl)

November 20, 2016

They've since changed their name, but Wisebirds are a synth-based rock band playing in the sunroom with an intimate, stripped-down feel. Just upright bass, Annie Carlson, sparse electric guitar, Christine Brignac, and the song-writer and frontman, Cody Thompson. He has a way of tying in very personal lyrics with intelligent and infectious melodies. While Brignac and Carlson do just what's needed to help his songs thrive.

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Episode 3: Margaret Ellis

November 6, 2016

Episode 1: Daniel Patterson

September 30, 2016