Episode 22: Hydra Plane

October 4, 2017

Psychadelic Fusion trio Hydra Plane played a full hour at the Sunroom for a live audience. Take a listen for improvisation and grooves in abundance.

Jacob Stanley - guitar, vocals

Stephen Nelson - drums

Eric Stewart - bass


Keep an eye out for their new release this weekend! (Oct 8) As well, they're playing a show with Thundercat on the 8th at the Varsity.


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Episode 20: Reece Sullivan

August 31, 2017

Reece Sullivan joins us in the Sunroom. An artist based out of Lafayette, LA, Sullivan's music lives in a familiar folk/country realm. However, it is his attention to detail and lyrical prowess that can captivate an artist and truly sets him apart. Tune in to hear Reece's performance and a small talk about his work.


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Episode 19: CatBamboo

July 31, 2017

Episode 18: JM Fritz

July 10, 2017

It's appropriate that the bugs and birds were singing loudly in the background for this episode. At the heart of his music, JM Fritz is a campfire singer. A country/folk artist who just wants to sit around, pick a couple songs, and have a good time. The serenity of the evening was no coincedence as Fritz's style is soothing and spare. Not to mention the deep, gravelley voice delivering the lyrics.

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Episode 17: Ryan Blanchfield

May 28, 2017

Due to scheduling conflicts, Cody Thompson of Wisebirds (nee Mr. Owl) filled in for Christine Brignac as the second co-host for this week's episode. We were joined by Ryan Blanchfield. He is and artist who approaches his music with great care and a keen ear for detail. A folk singer, he draws from artists like Dylan, Nelson, and the Fleet Foxes. As such, his songs come from a place reflection. But he always seeks to look forward with hope, whether he's clinging to it or simply trying to convince himself of it.

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Episode 16: Taylor Stoma

May 14, 2017

Taylor Stoma, of STOMA and Less Talking, joined us in the sunroom. Covering heavy, stigmatized topics like drug addiction and suicide in his songwriting, he often takes stock of the world around him and puts it outside of himself in song to better understand it. He's a visionary composer, fantastic guitarist, and a captivating singer. To top it off, in a style utterly his own, Stoma's songs are often stories that wonder and wander through questions we all face.

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Episode 15: Ameal Cameron

May 1, 2017

We were joined by the infinitely talented, soulful Ameal Cameron. His youthful nostalgic blend of motown and R&B vibes as a singer-songwriter put him on a path all his own. Be prepared for some lilting falsetto and hooks that won't leave your head for at least the next week.

We hope you enjoy!

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Episode 14: Kaycee Kersch

April 16, 2017

Kaycee Kersch, over the course of a mere few months, has become an increasingly familiar name in the Baton Rouge songwriter community. She has been playing out in various venues and has played alongside artists we have previously hosted, including Tony Cobb. Kaycee is a delightful, bright person who communicates raw emotion through her music. Her voice is full and soft and you can (and, we assume, will) cozy up to it like an old favorite blanket.

We hope you enjoy!

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Episode 13: Gage Howell

April 2, 2017

Gage Howell is a student at LSU who has traveled the south, singing and playing music the majority of his life. He pulls sound from a meditative corner of his mind to any audience he plays for. Through his soothing vocal melodies and finger-picking focused guitar, he asks only that he and his listeners be present. We hope you enjoy!


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